small paintings

One of the traits of his pictorial technique is works he defines " notes of light ", an all-personal , rare gift of his. I refer to his outstandingly executed small-sized paintings ; mini paintings ( evocative of the " postcard format " of Carlo Dalla Zorza's famous notes , travel notes too ).

Neither outlines nor sketches or " flashes " later transformed into large paintings , his 10x15 cm. landscapes challenge the painter not to overindulge his touch . He thus transforms into a modern miniaturist : unlike his custom to paint canvases that may be as big as two metres , he captures intense , clear , vibrant visions in one tenth of a metre . 

Ultimately small and beautiful are truly synonyms : pocket-size poetry.

Ivo Prandin

the frozen misurina lake dolomites oil on canvas of cm 40x20

glimpse in cortina d'ampezzo oil on canvas of cm. 20x15

venetian corner oil on canvas of cm. 18x24