painting is my life

I love to paint every light, every color that nature offers you, capture all the personal sensations of the landscape and nature . Every emotion brings a new painting to life.  


I start painting at the age 12 with determination and I  believe in my work and constant daily commitment. Since I was a boy, I have always watched the Masters of the past, above all Venetians , where color predominantly in design . Each of my inspirations is the result of a discipline inspired by nature and its suggestive moments.

Here I am while I try to capture the light of the Venice Lagoon.

My paintings are slowly matured and grow as the emotion lives inside me, every color, every moment lives in my memory and slowly turns into color and inspiration. Each of my works is the result of long observations or simply walking around my city, and here the desire to transport every little sensation and infinite joy to stop the moment seen savoring every color and nuance that nature offers me. A simple but complicated work at the same time, every expressive sensation must be supported by a thick painting technique.